Assignment 1 (aka Escape Through A Crack In Time)
Assignment 2 (aka The Railway Station)
Assignment 3 (aka The Creatures Revenge)

Assignment 4 (aka The Man Without A Face)
This one’s got a man without a face.  Honestly, how crap is that for a villain? Okay, so you’ve only got one arm or maybe a wooden leg, or even just an eyepatch, you can still have a good chance of taking over the world or causing havoc. But I mean, come on – he doesn’t have a FACE! He can’t see where he’s going, he can’t ask for directions, he can’t roll his tongue into a tube….he can’t even use a mirror to draw one on. He’ll never say any of the truly great words like “moist”, “spasm” or “smock” and everyone he meets will just spend all their time making rude gestures at him in the joyous knowledge that he doesn’t have a clue. Although to be fair, when it comes down to the final face-off with his enemies, he’s already got one hell of a head-start.

Assignment 5 (aka Dr McDee Must Die)
Assignment 6 (aka The Trap)