74 Doctor Who – Pyramids of Mars

Honestly, Sutekh, what are we going to do with you? You sit in-front of a TV screen all day, you only wear black, you’re always crushing insects… We know you like to leave dust and darkness everywhere but you could at least tidy your room. And open your curtains occasionally, they’ve got green mould all over them. Yes, you’re at a difficult age, but why can’t you be more like your brother, Horus?

We’re not going to get you any more playthings until you start to act your age. I said no more playthings and I meant it, so stop throwing one of your tantrums and don’t give me that look. You need to take some responsibility – your Mummy won’t run around after you for ever, you know.

Now come down to dinner. I know you think fish and animals are your enemy, so we’re having vegetarian lasagne. And for God’s sake, take that silly hat off!

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