R04 Doctor Who – Marco Polo

Sun, Sand and S–  No, actually it’s just sun and sand.

Our four travellers have broken their box again and are taken in by a man on a sponsored expedition. Some people wear their sponsors logo on their clothes, some even have it tattooed on their body, but Marco changed his surname. Unfortunately, since he’s not sucking on a mint or driving a Volkswagon or hitting his balls with a hammer while sitting on a horse, no one’s really sure who his sponsor is.

All we know is that there’s a traitor in his midst from a rival expedition whose plans of sabotage fail (probably because there’s no guy in charge). With the help of the time travellers and a 90’s indie band that got lost in the desert, he manages to reach his destination of Ceti Alpha VI, only to find that Khan has actually moved to Ceti Alpha V instead, stolen a starship and gone on a murderous revenge spree against Captain Kirk….

I’m terribly sorry, I appear to have got sand in my synopsis.

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