73 Doctor Who – Planet of Evil

tumblr_mlea3n2d7f1s6zh7to10_500Once Upon A Time, there was a giant, invisible jellyfish that lived in a hole eating coconuts. The jellyfish was terribly lonely and bored and liked to play pranks on people.

One day, he hid all the fizzy pop from a bunch of visiting prospectors so they were dying for a drink. They couldn’t understand what was happening and that amused the Jellyfish greatly.

The next day, he tied a giant piece of elastic to a passing spaceship, and they were forced to do the first ever space bungee jump. Oh, how the Jellyfish laughed.

Never short of ideas, he then hypnotised a clever scientist into thinking he was the Tazmanian Devil. The jellyfish had never had so much fun.

Until one day, a stranger appeared, offered the jellyfish a tin of sweets and he was never seen again.

The End

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