R02 Doctor Who – The Daleks

It’s amazing that this one ever got past the BBC censors.

In only the second Doctor Who story ever, the TARDIS crew help the Thals fight and destroy their opponents. Sounds straight forward to us, but hang on a minute! Weren’t the perfect looking, blonde haired, blue eyed people the very model of a perfectly ordered Aryan super race as recommended by the Nazi’s? Not one of the Thals is disabled, deformed or ‘unattractive’, the odd one or two that are weaker than the others get killed off pretty quickly and our heroes teach them all how to fight!

They teach the Nazi way to the Nazi poster boys and even join in when they head off to kill all the mutated, deformed inhabitants of the city; all of whom are disabled! They’re all confined to wheelchairs and unable to leave their home, there’s nowhere for them to run to and as a result they’re sitting ducks, mercilessly preyed upon by the Thals until they’re all dead! And then the Doctor and friends head off somewhere else, feeling all smug and happy that they’ve helped wipe out a civilisation.

And this is presented as a children’s show…..?

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