66 Doctor Who – Robot

Happy New Year!

It’s Par 4 on the 12th and there’s a spot of bother in one of the bunkers.

You’ve heard of Extreme Golf? Well Hitler Winters (sorry, Hilda Winters) and the Fascist Scientists have too. It’s not extreme enough for them though so they’ve decided to weaponise their favourite golf course and are prepared to eradicate all opposition with nuclear force, just so that they can finally win the Masters. The Brigadier and Benton are prepared to add an extra hole to the course if it’ll stop Hitler winning that trophy, but when the robot caddy goes a bit wrong and shoots an elderly electrician, the situation rapidly disintegrates. What they really needs is a Doctor.

Unfortunately two Doctors are fighting over which one gets to drive Bessie and which one gets to throw a bucket of goo onto MechaKongZilla, who’s just turned up and shoved a dwarf in a wig down a chimney. I think Sarah’s gone home at this point, and who could blame her?

Yes, it’s 2014 and we have a new Doctor in the TARDIS! His name is Tom Baker and some of you may have seen him recently on a building site near you, assembling your kitchen. You can download from the blog here or subscribe via iTunes – and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about our show and the topics we cover here, on the Facebook group or through Twitter.

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