64 Doctor Who – The Monster of Peladon

People think this story is about the miner’s strike or the class divide. It isn’t you know, it’s about the power of the mind; Queen Thalira’s willpower is astonishing.

Surrounded by dirty, greasy labourers who keep bursting in on her trying to assert themselves… nothing.
A big muscle man, responsible for her body who grunts at her all day… not a flicker.
A god shaped like a wild, hairy beast with a big horn… means nothing to her.
Even the aliens are at it, an angry snake with a suggestive hat wants to show her how it’s done and a human wants to drag her off into the caves and take her home… she barely notices. She doesn’t even react to the sight of Alpha Centauri, now THAT’s willpower.

Either that or she’s incredibly naieve and the Doctor needs to sit her down and explain about the badgers and the bees.

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