62 Doctor Who – Death to the Daleks

The Doctor forgets to charge his iTardis and finds himself stranded in a desert with some office workers whose team building weekend has gone a bit Lord of the Flies. When the Daleks arrive suffering from an epidemic of exterminatile dysfunction (HON-EST-LY, THIS HAS NE-VER HAPP-ENED BE-FOORRE), he decides to look elsewhere for a compatible charger.

While Sarah is busy roaming the desert, beating natives to death in an attempt to find her first outfit that isn’t brown, the Doctor arrives at a nearby village. Introducing himself to the locals, he joins them around a camp fire and samples their home made marijuana. The rest, as they say, is hallucinatory…

He’s chased by a bit of pipe and makes friends with a rock that has glow-in-the-dark nipples, who asks him to play Crystal Maze for Dummies inside a giant lighthouse with crazy paving, its own disco and some zombies. Together they beat the Daleks and win a meringue that screams.

While the Doctor’s busy coming down from his little trip, Sarah goes to the gift shop for a souvenir and comes back with a corpse on a stick. She’s always wanted one.

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