60 Doctor Who – The Time Warrior

When the love child of E.T. and Mr Potato Head falls from the sky in a giant Zorb, he’s befriended by an ironmonger with a syllable deficiency who hides him in a barn and demands payment in the form of old men’s used pajamas.

When the hairy space poo steals them from the future, the Doctor follows him back to Merrie Olde Englande but gets sidetracked when he’s invited to a party by Robin Hood’s gay cousin. He chats up a confused suffragette by dressing as a priest and making stink bombs, while a dotty old woman does soap opera impressions at them.

Unnoticed by anyone, the alien visitor suffocates inside his own Zorb before he can try out the new spray-on deodorant he’s just invented… Linx.

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