58 Doctor Who – Planet of the Daleks

The Doctor and Jo are redecorating the TARDIS (again!) and pay a visit to the Carpet Warehouse.  Unfortunately for them the purple shagpiles have taken over and invited the Daleks to appear on a number of reality TV shows. So while the Daleks are busy taking part in Dancing on Ice, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here and Pimp My Ride, the Doctor and Jo, for one night only, are helping the Thal Historical Re-enactment Society perform their greatest moment in history as part of their Worlds Tour.

With peeing plants, a reverse parachute, a flat-pack TARDIS, a talking bowl of chocolate and an ‘everything must go’ day at the Rolykins factory thrown in for good measure…

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2 thoughts on “58 Doctor Who – Planet of the Daleks

  1. Francis Burton says:

    The bowl-of-chocolate discussion recording wiping fiasco apology (with “music to keep you entertained”) is the funniest thing I’ve heard for ages. It forced me to burst out laughing in a most embarrassing way. Thanks, guys! A classic.

    • Thanks Francis 🙂 There’s already been some discussion about this on the Facebook group. Mike was doing the edit when he discovered that the mp3 recorder had just stopped for about 3-5 minutes and then started up again. Rather than panic and enter ‘Editing Hell’ we decided to hold our hands up instead of trying to hide it – which would have been hard work midway through a sentence!

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