57 Doctor Who – Frontier in Space

Nothing out of the ordinary happens in this one…

Josephine Grant, this year’s winner of Earth’s Got Talent, goes on a galactic tour demonstrating her ability to perform kung-fu escapology while reciting nursery rhymes; The Doctor inspects a lot of empty rooms, falls off a few spaceships and wears pyjamas to the moon; The Master reads a book, has a nap and vanishes in a puff of hasty editing.

Oh, and a giant orange testicle terrorises the Planet of the Apes.

You know… same old, same old.

You can download from the blog here or subscribe via iTunes – and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about our show and the topics we cover here, on the Facebook group or through Twitter.

We’re back on the 6th of September, when we restart our twice monthly schedule with Planet of the Daleks.

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