55 Doctor Who – The Three Doctors

Hello! We are back and celebrating the Doctor’s 50th birthday by looking back on his 10th. Go figure…

It’s January 1973 and I was born at the tail-end of this series, during The Green Death. Not that you needed to know that but I felt like sharing. Anyway, this podcast starts a run of Doctor Who-only shows that will continue to the end of 2013. Our little tribute in the birthday year and at least we’re doing more Classic Who than the BBC!

Anyhoo… on with the show.

A Greek tragedy unfolds when an invisible man falls into a hole and learns how to turn other peoples lights off by remote.  He sends Mr Blobby’s less evolved cousin to apologise but that’s not enough to stop a delegation of medical professionals from jumping into the hole and throwing musical instruments at him.  No-one helps him though because the Brigadier’s brain has gone to the seaside and Jo is wandering in the desert after having killed a muppet, wearing it like a second skin.

Happy Anniversary.

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One thought on “55 Doctor Who – The Three Doctors

  1. The Gentleman says:

    I always thought that he wouldn’t accept about the two Doctor’s because he knows that meeting yourself at some point in your own timeline is very, very, bad. Also, he’s used to being teleported around the planet but rarely going off world because of the fifth law of thermodynamics: BBC budgets. So his first instinct is that he’s been teleported somewhere else on Earth. I actually can’t excuse the Brig’s reaction to the TARDIS interior.

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