54 Blake’s 7: The Keeper & Star One

Boo hoo. It’s our last podcast until the 5th of July. Still, that’s only a month away so it’s not too bad – plus it gives you all a chance to catch-up with any shows you’ve missed or re-listen to some of our awesome (?!) back catalogue. Still, on with the show…

Vila makes a fool of himself while Jenna flutters her eyelashes at two Jolly Green Giants who are fighting over which one of them inherits their dad’s tinned vegetable business. Servelan realises that she’s the left the back door to the galaxy open but someone’s nicked her motor so she has to live in a tent surrounded by goths.

Travis has invited a load of violent, conquering aliens he met down the pub to take part in a massive intergalactic Battle of Trafalgar flash mob (with himself as Lord Nelson, naturally), unfortunately, he’s spent the last few weeks creating a two-headed creature called Blavon, which picks him up and throws him down a well, then tries to break up the flashmob by denying the illegal aliens immigration status.

Blake’s 7 meets Game of Thrones meets Invasion of the Bodysnatchers meets Shrek! Beat THAT for a season finale!

You can download from the blog here or subscribe via iTunes – and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about our show and the topics we cover here, on the Facebook group or through Twitter.

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