53 Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD

The Daleks’ package holiday to London, Earth doesn’t quite live up to the brochure; The idyllic campsite where they can park their mobile home turns out to be a rubble-strewn, dilapidated factory complex in the city centre covered in Sugar Puffs (other breakfast cereals are available) and the “world’s largest open air swimming pool” is a filthy, corpse infested river!

The vibrant, thriving, multi-cultural London nightlife is actually a bitter tramp and an underage girl who hospitalise several of the off-earth tourists in a multiple hit and run during a shopping trip.

The warm, friendly locals they were promised are a bunch of homeless squatters who jump out from doors and alleyways to throw smoke bombs at them and even break into their camper van at one point to kidnap their dinner guests.

Despite this they find a nice place in the country (well it’s Bedfordshire but you can pretend) and start to build a holiday villa. Unfortunately, they’re conned by a load of cowboy builders who don’t seem to know what they’re doing and then four environmentalist campaigners turn up and incite a rather violent protest riot, setting fire to the dalek’s camper van and blowing up their new holiday home.

A strong letter of protest to the travel agent is in order I think.

Poor Daleks. Maybe they’ll have better luck next year, when they go to Kembel…..

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P.S. During Podcast 50, which talked about the first Dalek movie, we lamented the fact that in the 50th year of Doctor Who there is a book for practically everything – except the 60s Dalek movies. Well… since we recorded both of these Telos has announced that they have a book coming out at the end of May. And you can order it here!

3 thoughts on “53 Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD

  1. Lewis Christian says:

    Another great podcast guys!

    You had me in stitches at the thought of Dalek saucer instructors and, as you say, this film is a huge step-up from the first. Having an adaptation of The Chase would’ve been wonderful and amazing fun, but alas.

    Just 2 extra things:

    1. You’re not the only fan of ‘The Android Invasion’. I think it’s great too.
    2. Still no discussion about the Daleks using smoke rather than ray guns. I’m still keen to know, briefly, what you both think. I’m not overly fond of it, but it does make for a great effect and the smoke does work a lot better than a bog-standard ray gun would for the purpose of these films.

    • I’m very fond of The Android Invasion. I love a deserted village story… As for the smoke vs ray effect, I think the smoke works well for the films as it is a tangible thing to see on the big screen. Visual effects worked better on TV I think because of the limited staging they had. Big screen ray gun effects always looked a bit iffy in the old days. Personally, I’d have preferred the original idea of fire – but I suspect the charred corpses of hundreds of actors and extras wouldn’t have gone down to well with Equity.

      • Lewis Christian says:

        Fair comments – I had no idea they originally wanted fire effects! Don’t quite think that would’ve sat right with the rest of the tone/’feel’ of the movies to be honest. As well as the charred corpses of hundreds of actors and extras thing!

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