TimeVault Revisits… The Underwater Menace (and more)

One of the questions I’m asked more than any other is when we’re going to make the old Cadmium2 shows available. The short answer is “we’re not” due to a long-standing agreement with our former co-presenter. As such, it’s a constant source of irritation to us that our chronological viewing of Doctor Who – which has been the backbone of our podcasting lives since 2007 – currently appears to start with The Web of Fear. So… We’re considering revisiting those early stories so that we have a complete set from the beginning. The thinking is that we’d run them concurrently with the normal Doctor Who episodes so that we don’t slow down – but it may mean that we have to pull back on the non-Who shows for a little while and become a predominantly Doctor Who/Blake’s 7 podcast until we’ve caught up, at which point we’d revert back to the current format. This has been rattling round in our heads for a while now, as we have many more new listeners who have only heard TimeVault.

I asked on Twitter and Facebook (and here) what people thought of that idea and nobody told me it was a terrible idea. Which is nice, because Mike and I were dead set on doing it anyway! We knew that some of our listeners followed us here from the old podcast and will have heard our thoughts and opinions before, however we’re not going to listen back to those old shows, which means that our opinions may have changed in the last six years. Plus we have newly recovered episodes for Galaxy 4 and The Underwater Menace and animations for The Reign of Terror, The Tenth Planet and The Ice Warriors. So we think it’ll be a whole new experience for old listeners as well as for new ones.

A case in point is The Underwater Menace, Patrick Troughton’s third story as the Doctor. It has always had a mixed reputation amongst fans and we were no exception. With only Episode 3 available to watch and the rest on audio it was always going to be tricky to form an objective opinion but we tried and gave it an unhealthy 1.5 out of 5. That was back in 2009. Four years later and the newly discovered Episode 2 is leaked onto YouTube about year before its DVD release – and it’s wonderful! It’s spine-tingling to see Troughton perform at such an early stage in the part and he’s mesmerisingly good, even though he’s clearly still finding his feet. It’s also great to see Ben and Polly in something ‘new’ as well. So little of their time as companions is available in the BBC archives and watching them interact with new boy Jamie is fascinating. The marvellous Colin Jeavons is giving his all as Damon (something we could only hear before) and we’re able to see Joseph Furst performing several shades of emotion, rather than just complete insanity. Watching the two episodes back to back has (almost) completely revised my opinion of this story and I can’t wait to see the restored version on DVD next year. As they now have half of the story, I hope the remainder is animated – I believe that is the criteria 2Entertain currently use when making animation decisions – as this would be a great addition to the Troughton Era collection.

I’ll be updating the Podcast section of the site shortly to show our planned shows for the first part of 2014, so keep an eye out for that!

8 thoughts on “TimeVault Revisits… The Underwater Menace (and more)

  1. Milo says:

    Why not revisit only certain stories, the ones which have had parts animated or discovered or are very important for the history of Doctor Who or got extremely high or low ratings.

    That was a very long sentence.

    What I’m saying is that it doesn’t’ t seem necessary to do every single story which Isn’ t online, just some of them.

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