48 Doctor Who – The Time Monster

“Holllld aaaa chicken in the air, stick a deckchair up your nose, fly a jumbo jet and then bury all your clothes…” I know, these references are getting more and more obscure.

Everyone’s feeling a little out of sorts in The Time Monster; Jo fondles the Doctor’s equipment then makes several attempts to kill herself, Yates sits in a ditch, Benton’s being really childish and the Doctor wants to jack it all in and start an intergalactic zoo.

It’s not going too well though, he’s already killed the Immortal Bull and his Time Rams just don’t do anything, but if he could find the legendary Giant White Time-Eating Chicken-Beast from Outer Space….

Unfortunately for him, the Master has already found it and is using it to have sex with the Queen of Atlantis!?

The Brigadier could help but he’s finally been pushed over the edge. If he could stand perfectly still for just a bit longer, maybe they’ll all just go away.

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