41 Doctor Who – The Curse of Peladon

Happy 49th Birthday Doctor Who!

Would it be wrong to make a highly inappropriate knob gag here? Jo’s obviously considering something along those lines…

Think of Eighties cheesy novelty-song chart botherers Black Lace when reading the following…

Push a statue, shake a spear
Make your people quake with fear
Kill a friend, rig a fight
All of your guests will hiss and squeak
That’s enough for tonight
Do it again same time next week

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6 thoughts on “41 Doctor Who – The Curse of Peladon

  1. Lewis Christian says:

    A cock on the rock with a frock, a big lump of snot in a fishbowl and an Ice Lloyd… I’m in stitches!

    Fun Fact: Arcturus’ head is part of an Ogron mask.

  2. Lewis Christian says:

    King Peladon : “There is no plot! I am being completely honest with you!'”

    I pretty much agree with you two here. I thought it dragged a little in the middle, and it is repetitive – but it’s a well-thought out story and well-realised. The delegates… well, yeah. But I like to think the budget stopped them being great. (This is sort’ve like the 70s version of The End of the World.) And I think I watched this story right before its sequel… and I’m actually annoyed at myself for doing that because I found my memories are now overshadowed by the sequel which is, frankly, dull and tedious. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so I’ll shut up now.

    Just an additional note of interest: “From a production standpoint, Curse switched broadcast order with the previously-produced Sea Devils. This made it the first Doctor Who story broadcast in a different order from which it was made. Though a common enough occurrence in the years that would follow, it had been impossible to broadcast out of production order in the 1960s, due the narrow gap of time between production and broadcast.”

    • Glad you enjoyed it Lewis:) I didn’t know that fact about Arcturus, but there was something bugging me about it all the way through – now I know why!

  3. Andrew Curry says:

    Do you not think the aggressive, disagreeable third Doctor is due to his being trapped on Earth and frustrated with humans?

    He is aggressive and unreasonable with humans but nice and courteous on Peladon and other alien planets.

    • That’s a perfectly plausible reason but as that’s never been stated as an intended motivation at any point in the series, or by the production team, I’d say that’s something us fans all do to explain away inconsistencies 🙂

      Judging from interviews with the actors and crew it seems that the mood of the Doctor depended entirely on Pertwee’s mood on the recording day!

      • It does work as an excuse (see also the Ninth Doctor going on about ‘stupid apes’ in moments of anger – that said, at least he doesn’t get personal with it apart from with Mickey/Adam), but you’re very much right with the comment about Pertwee.

        I feel that sometimes Pertwee tried to play the role ‘too straight’ – so when he’s making a remark about someone, he should have a bit of a ‘jokey’ edge to it, but Pertwee plays it completely straight and the result is a flat-out insult/horrible comment. An addition to the theory then, about being pissed at his exile, is that maybe the Time Lords forced the change upon him along with more Time Lord-esque personality. They were stuck up, arrogant, pompous idiots, so maybe they made this Third Doctor a little bit more like them too.

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