39 Doctor Who – Day of the Daleks

Day of the Daleks explained…

The Long Version:  A shiny quisling and a man with a whip find some dirty tins in a cupboard which are five years out of date and have gone bad.  They are so hazardous to health that the Human race is brought to it’s knees and the only things they can manufacture are skips and very slow quad bikes with a wheel missing.

A street gang full of people who are all too old to be in a street gang pass the time by killing historical figures and pretending to be ghosts but they stumble across some space gorillas who’ve stolen the tins and gone to a boring party in the English countryside.  The fact that they’ve all got the day wrong and find the Doctor and Jo having fun with ropes and gags in the cellar might, just might, cause some complications.

The Short Version:  Cheese stealer, pasty face, guerillas, gorillas, tunnels and pants.

We think the short version makes more sense.

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Oh, and for anyone interested in War of the Daleks (which we mention in the show)…

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