36 Blake’s 7: Bounty & Deliverance

Ahh, the future. Nice to see the Eighties revival is still going strong. Poodle perms, OTT RayBans and the Walkman.

Bounty and Deliverance?  It’s not what it sounds like….

Blake goes camping and breaks a few records with a puppet and a gramophone, Jenna flirts with a very persistent Turkish Delight salesman, while Vila experiments with the kind of necklace you’d usually find in a six year old girl’s dressing up box.

Avon discovers that he really is God and Gan gets his rocks off beating up a load of poorly educated homeless men with speech impediments.

As for Cally, her newly developed talent for canine mimicry causes her to fail basic camouflage training and so Blake makes her spend 35 minutes lying face down on the floor as punishment.

Watching Burt Reynolds eat a coconut chocolate bar in the woods seems a lot more appealing now, doesn’t it?

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