35 Doctor Who: Colony in Space

“Hey everyone, look who’s here – it’s the IMC robot! Let’s give him a big hand!” Ahem.

The Master steals a small red model aeroplane from the High Council of the Time Lords, so they send the Doctor and Jo to the Planet of the Blind Mime Artists to get it back.

They meet some Human colonists who find life on the planet so dull they’ve perfected the art of open-air mud wrestling; a bunch of intergalactic miners who can’t understand how they came last in a build your own Godzilla competition – and a squeaky midget who lives in a wall safe.

When the quiet blinky ones take Jo hostage, the Doctor must negotiate for her freedom. Anyone for Charades?

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Here’s the DVD trailer. It makes it look rather good…

One thought on “35 Doctor Who: Colony in Space

  1. I just had the chance to listen to the podcast. While I agree that it moved slowly at times, and I found the aliens to be laughable, I think it deserves at least three stars for the simple fact it GOT THE DOCTOR INTO SPACE!!! About time.

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