33 Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos

The Smirk of Axos.

It’s a UNIT night out and they’ve chosen to go to the new Italian restaurant down the road: Axonite’s.

The Brig argues with the regular military over who’s going to pay, the Master turns up even though he wasn’t invited and one of their guests insults the Doctor’s equipment so they spend the rest of the night arguing about whose is biggest.

Jo loses her appetite after she gets lost in the kitchens and sees the chef doing something with a giant frog, and the American liason has way too much to drink, starts seeing double and punches himself in the face.

All in all, a typical night out…

Until someone orders the spaghetti bolognese. Nobody was expecting it to be THAT spicy!

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6 thoughts on “33 Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos

  1. Lewis Christian says:

    Let’s hope these opening tributes don’t have to become a regular feature 😦 RIP Mary.

    Haven’t watched ‘Axos’ since the DVD came out, so I’m going by memory, but I remember quite liking it on the whole. This is how I would’ve liked Pertwee Who to be most of the time. Unfortunately, I find that much of the Earthbound Pertwee is hit or miss. This, for me, sums up what every story was (or should’ve been) trying to do.

    That said, without getting ahead of myself, I’ve since found myself preferring Pertwee in Space… so roll on Colony in Space!

      • Lewis Christian says:

        On this occasion, as you mention, at least we have some Mary/Tom Big Finish audios to look forward to early next year. Long live Romana I / Fred 🙂

  2. Lewis Christian says:

    Titles: Due to not having seen this for so long, I’d forgotten about the Troughton theme. It is rather odd, but I suspect they were still in the ‘experimental’ stage. Maybe they did notice half way through, but left it in for consistency? It’s odd, but I do like the fact it could tie in with the fact we last saw the TARDIS interior in the Troughton era – it’s a stretch, but it’s a cool link if you look at it that way.

    The TARDIS: Do we see inside the Master’s TARDIS this story? As you didn’t mention it, I assume not. (I believe we definitely do in the next story?) But we see it from the outside in this, and it just looks like… a cardboard fridge? Inside the Axon mattress ship, it stands in the corner just looking really cheap.

    The Doctor’s TARDIS, if I recall, as well as the ‘porch’, also sees the first use of a ’roundel scanner’ which I find quite an interesting idea. Certainly better than the TV on the bracket in the corner which we’ve had (and will still see again).

    And, another note, we’re meant to believe the Master has been on Earth for a good year at least now. Yet he’s still wearing the same clothes. People often call out JNT’s era for being ‘too costumed’, but I think it starts here. Surely the Master has more than his black outfit in his TARDIS?

  3. I think you’re underestimating Delgado’s Master; he has DOZENS of identical black suits in the largest closet of his TARDIS. He knows black never goes out of style (even after centuries) and sticks with what he knows! Hahaha!

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