32 Blake’s 7: Project Avalon & Breakdown

The crew of the Liberator go on one of those team building exercises. You know the kind of thing – a bit of potholing, spaceship racing, flamethrower avoidance, suicidal vortex diving, a rather easy game of hide and seek and hitting each other over the head with bits of the ship.

Travis wants to join in but the scantily clad fem-bot he brings with him upsets everyone so he throws a strop and gets his evil balls out.

There’s only one thing you can do after an experience like that….but Gan does his Captain Caveman impression instead.

They’re not impressed.

As ever, you can download from the blog here or subscribe via iTunes – and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about our show and the topics we cover here, on the Facebook group or through Twitter.

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