30 Blake’s 7: Mission To Destiny & Duel

Avon. Decking a woman. I think her name was Sara. Doesn’t really matter, we’ll have forgotten everything about this episode in a matter of seconds.

We’re taking a short holiday in June but we’ll be back on July 6th! So this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on any of our shows you may have missed. And if you haven’t missed any, then it’s the perfect opportunity to listen to them all again…

Before that…

It didn’t take long for crew of the Liberator to start pairing off, just in time for a weekend break.

Avon and Cally go on a murder mystery weekend and struggle to solve the crime’s only (rather obvious) clue.  But, to be fair, it’s hard to concentrate when you’re being stared at by a couple of angry perms while a midget with super strength runs around a load of planks.

Blake and Jenna go on a double date in the woods with Travis and his lady friend.  They film themselves engaging in rough physical action that leaves them all hot, sweaty and breathless.  Much to the disappointment of the locals…

…and the entertainment of Vila and Gan who are lounging about on the sofa watching it all as it’s streamed live.

As ever, you can download from the blog here or subscribe via iTunes – and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about our show and the topics we cover here, on the Facebook group or through Twitter (see links on the right).

See you in July!

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