29 Doctor Who – Terror of the Autons

A stage hypnotist and a factory worker employ a team of mime artists to run their own radio station whilst taking part in a bus tour for a group of artificial florists with abnormally large heads.

Clearly this contravenes all the laws of, erm….sense, so U.N.I.T. is called in to put a stop to it.  The Doctor can’t take part though because he’s confused by a window and challenged some clowns to a fist fight.

Not to worry, the clumsy work experience girl has just brought the Brigadier a damp plank of wood, just what he needs to defeat the Sparkly Fingers of Death….

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See you in a fortnight for some more Blake’s 7.

4 thoughts on “29 Doctor Who – Terror of the Autons

  1. Lewis Christian says:

    Finally caught up and listened to this. I was ready to write a really long comment, but you covered every point and I agree with the majority of them! 🙂

  2. Gspng says:

    Terror of the Autons is, as you suggest, an ok story, but nothing special, other than Delgado. I do have to ask, as a beginner in the Who universe, why does Robert Holmes get so much love? So far, I have seen his first four stories: The Krotons, The Space Pirates, Spearhead from Space and Terror of the Autons. All but the Space Pirates are mediocre at best, and the Space Pirates is dreadful. When does he start deserving the love?

    • Hi. That’s a very good question. Arguably, I would say its with Carnival of Monsters and progresses through his remaining involvement with the Pertwee era. When he became Script Editor is when I would say he came into his own. He and his Producer created and steered the show through it’s most popular period. His dialogue and characters are almost always excellent and you can see the early signs in Spearhead and Terror. When you consider that, like Dicks, he guided all the writers on his watch and, in certain cases, did Page One rewrites, lots of tinkering and emergency scripts where necessary, his input into possibly the greatest era of the show cannot be understated.

      Personally, I adore Holmes’ work on the show but am always prepared to admit he wasn’t always perfect (Power of Kroll and Mysterious Planet, I’m talking about you…)

      • Lewis Christian says:

        Though it should be noted that, even when his stories weren’t great, he had memorable characters – such as Glitz and Dibber. Great double act! 🙂

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