25 Doctor Who – The Ambassadors of Death

“BENTON! Take that feather boa off this instant! … Miss Shaw, I really don’t think ‘dress down’ day is going to work.”

A gunfight…of DEATH!

A fist fight…of DEATH!

A car chase…of DEATH!

Underground bunkers, astronauts, aliens, radiation…of DEATH, helicopters, more underground bunkers, explosions, a baker’s van…of DEATH, false beards and some crap magic.

So as Benton hands round the Ferrero Rocher…of DEATH! (“TimeVault, you are really spoiling us”), it can mean only one thing….

It’s The Ambassadors…..of DEATH! Boinnngggggg!

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One thought on “25 Doctor Who – The Ambassadors of Death

  1. Lewis Christian says:

    I haven’t seen this story but wanted to pitch in for a mo. regarding Pertwee’s Doctor and, actually, I agree that he’s a stuck-up horrible bloke at times… but remember how he came about in the first place. He was forcefully regenerated, he had his two best friends taken away and memory-wiped, and had was forced to one time on one planet. My theory is that the Doctor’s attitude is very Time Lordy here – arrogant, snobby, pompous – because he was forcefully made like that. (He doesn’t regenerate *naturally*, for want of a better word.)

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