23 Doctor Who and the Silurians

Domestic disputes are so inconvenient aren’t they? One minute your bicycle-powered nuclear reactor is causing a power cut and keeping your next-door neighbours awake (well, the ones you haven’t got tied up in the kitchen) and the next thing you know you’re being investigated by the government, soldiers have cordoned off your street and your neighbours have released a virulent, communicable monkey plague into your living room.

Hasn’t anyone heard of community spirit?

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13 thoughts on “23 Doctor Who and the Silurians

  1. Oddly, I remember liking the music, though I can see how it detracts massively from the story. I’m in a similar mind regarding Pertwee, not fully liking him yet and I believe he gets worse when Jo/Katy comes along.

    One thing that you guys forgot… did Lis’ plaster stay on her face, or did it vanish? We need a follow-up next podcast please :p

  2. Gspng says:

    I have now watched through Inferno, and I can honestly say this earth-bound Doctor is not working. And Pertwee is becoming insufferable, a characteristic that begins in earnest here in the Silurians. He has all the bombastic egotism of the First Doctor, but none of the grandfatherly charm and concern. Partly I think it is the writing. Hartnell’s companions, especially Ian, would call him on his behavior. And Susan (and those young women who were her surrogates later on) forced him to be softer. Troughton was quirky enough, and sometimes afraid enough, not to seem egotistical much at all. But Pertwee. Oh boy. Does it get any better? Lewis suggests it gets worse in later series. It sure gets worse in the next two stories.

    • You see, I don’t think it is the writing so much as Pertwee’s interpretation/performance. Reading the novelisations as a child – before we had the opportunity to see the visuals – I loved pretty much all of the Third Doctor stories and the Third Doctor himself. In fact, I prefer reading this era to watching it!

      • Paul,

        Is there a good place to comment on stories before you review them? I think if you addressed issues about stories raised by listeners it could be entertaining. For example, I would like to hear you guys discuss the similarities between Silurians and Inferno (mining/drilling, releasing “alien” species, obnoxious/crazy project leader). The only real difference other than the obvious dimensional one, which seems written in only to distinguish it from Silurians, is the Doctor’s apparent lack of concern for the werewolf-like “aliens” in Inferno as opposed to his peaceful attitude towards the Silurians.

      • Hi Peter, I quite like that idea, however the only problem I can forsee is that we record several shows over a weekend and it can be very spur-of-the-moment. Perhaps Twitter would be the best place for this, as we can use it’s immediacy to put out a request for questions/discussion points a day or two before we record…

      • Lewis Christian says:

        I’d go with the Twitter idea – works for ‘The Wife in Space’ (a blog I really recommend if you don’t know of it) … as they watch episodes, they ask for suggestions/comments/pointers via Twitter and works a treat. Could be fun for you guys to run a Twitter letting us know how you’re doing, where you’re up to, what you want to know we want you to discuss etc.

      • Oh yes, we know about it. I’ve been following it since “The Daleks” and I’ve just done a load of proofreading for the potential book version…
        I think Twitter is the way forward. I use it every day for myself and TimeVault so as long as people sign up to follow us then it should be fine.

      • Lewis Christian says:

        Oooh, sounds good! My two favourite fansites combined 😀

        + I’m sure people will. Plus you have a Twitter feed on the blog here so people can keep updated even if they don’t have Twitter.

  3. richard kulp says:

    I’ll have to give some time to digest this story as I only just watched it again recently. First impressions, I would have to say this was a delightful story that did not let me down in many ways. The music was a very odd but until I actually start to consciously listen to it, it generally falls into the background. Other elements are more important. The characters here are all great and help wipe ease any other concerns about the overall story, aka: if you can wrap me up in the story, I can be forgiving. Overall I think I would rate this story a 4 out of 5. I will have to come back and give some better thoughts on the story but right now I am feeling a bit run down.

    • Not sure “delightful” is the right word. Bleak and moody feel more appropriate 🙂 There’s lots of great stuff here though, performed by a top notch cast. I’m glad you felt the music faded into the background – unfortunately I found it desperately intrusive at times and – more often than not – discordant to the point of being unlistenable. A shame really.

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