21 Doctor Who – Spearhead from Space

Seriously, I’m not sure which is scarier. Look at the eyes, I tell you, THE EYES!

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! We’ve entered a new decade, with a new Doctor – and in colour! Watch this clip but be warned, Mike’s been at the song lyrics again…

Think of all the monsters that you’ve ever heard about
like Sea Devil, Krynoid, Rutan and Slitheen
There are lots of weird monsters in the universe
But have you ever seen an Auton that is green?
An Auton that is positively green,
Well that’s because there aren’t any,
there really aren’t any,
An Auton isn’t ecologically sound
They’re not bio-degradable,
They’re made of plastic, with no voice, they’re just a massive tool!
They’ll kill us all – ‘cos they’re Autons
They’re bloodthirsty Autons
They want to wipe out our race,
Because they’re silent, violent, take a long time to melt
Plastic (and drastic) from feet to faaaaaaaaaaaace.
(bom ba dom bom bom dom)

I did warn you…

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See you in fortnight, when we meet Twins of Evil!

5 thoughts on “21 Doctor Who – Spearhead from Space

  1. I hate to get ahead but if UNIT being well known is odd, wait until they’re top secret and then we cut to a huge sign outside their HQ saying “UNIT HQ” and, not only that, but the Brig’s name’s on the sign too! Madness!

    Great podcast as ever, guys! Great way to start the new year and I’m looking forward to the next batch of podcasts because I’m currently undergoing a change of opinion on the Pertwee era.

    • Yeah, same as Torchwood really. And Universal Exports. Really, can we trust these people when they’re down the pub every night… “Well, I shouldn’t really shay this but I work for a top shecret organisayshun that fightsh monshters. No, really I do. What? Itsh my round already…?”

      • Torchwood is just bizarre :p I hope, at some point, you raise a short discussion that goes along the lines of “so, where were Torchwood during the Pertwee era?” 🙂

  2. Richard says:

    When I was sitting down to watch this story for the first time in 15 plus years, I honestly had to say I was remembering and expecting an average story. I vaguely recalled the story and what was going to happen but upon seeing it, I was truely surprised. Sure, nothing was a surprise, but what I saw was something much better then I recalled, as odd as that sounds. This story truely engulfed me and had me hooked in ways I really couldn’t have expected. This story had me hooked in every way that I was hooked in listening to The Power of the Daleks. (Yes I know some might disagree with the comparison but I am purely refering to how caught up in watching the story.)

    Spearhead from Space had so many elements clicking together perfectly and many small touches helped to add to it overall. I just loved seeing the Doctor racing away in the wheelchair, or how he snatched his shoes from the Doctor, and the scene of him showering was a pure riot. I also have to wonder if when the Doctor was trying on the two different hats if this was a nod to the second Doctors early flirting with hats. (Was it a nod to the last actor?) These little touches show the wit of the writer as well as the briliance of the actor and they were not just exclusive to Pertwee. All the characters had this care applied to them and I feel this is another story were absolutely every character was used just perfectly. They all played a part and were not a waste to the story and something that rarely happens.

    Liz Shaw was perhaps the surprise of the show for me. I hardly gave her role as a companion any thought. I knew she was a companion for a short while but gae no more thought to her then that. After this first story, I have to give myself a dope slap for such an atitude towards her. With one story, I fell in love with the character and I feel I will miss her. Despite the fact that you say her character was doomed for being so intelligent and competent, these are the very qualities I enjoyed.

    As to the point you made about the octopus tentacles at the end dragging the story down, I just chalk that up to a low budget show. We are after all talking about a show with wobbly sets and other clearly cost cutting elements. They didn’t really bother me as much as they did you and to be honest, it was an alien lifeform. Does it realy have to look like a living creature when the rest are animated plastic store dummies. I know you might argue that the imitation of the general says it is important but at this point in the story their was only one goal, kill the Doctor. Who cares what it looks like, just get the job done.

    Overall, I count this as a great story overall, a 4.5 out of 5 and I look forward to seeing anew more of Pertwee’s Doctor.

    • Hi Richard, we did say her character was doomed but we also said we liked her. I’ve always thought Liz was a good companion and I do think it was shame the writing was on the wall for her from early on. It was a brave attempt to do something different but I can see why they brought in Jo. A brilliant scientist from Cambridge who can talk to the Doctor on an almost equal level is not a great audience identification figure!

      As for the tentacles… we’ve always accepted DWs low budget. There’s no escaping it – and there have been many stories that have suffered in this way. I think that for us, much like I feel about the final shots of the Skarasen in Terror of the Zygons, the reason it stood out SO much this time was because the rest of the story had been of such high quality that it was like a footprint in untouched snow. Incongruous. It didn’t stop us from enjoying SfS or giving it 4 out of 5.

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