19 Doctor Who – The Space Pirates

How come metal wigs never took off as a fashion accessory?  They’re shiny, valuable, long lasting (barring rust), work brilliantly as a hard hat, available in different styles (the one being modelled here is in a rather attractive beehive with parting) and you can decorate them yourself.

Okay, you’ll never be able to look down without falling over and fridge magnets will suddenly become a nuisance but that’s not many downsides.

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2 thoughts on “19 Doctor Who – The Space Pirates

  1. Richard says:

    What can be said that you have not already expressed. Thank you for the history behind the story. I had no idea this one had a troubled history in production. Very enlightening. The fact that the regulars were involved in filiming in the next story is also an interesting fact. It mirrors the way the story came across, Separate the key characters of the show from the story and you lose a vital element of the show.

    Clancy, Hermack, Warne are one of the great hinderances in the show. From this point on, they will be the benchmark to base others upon. Hermack was a streotypical leader that just didn’t work. The voice, the way he acted, and his conclusions just reeked a stench of predictable. I couldn’t understand how he came to his conclusions so fast and with such certainty. Clancy was another titanic mistake. Whoever made the decision for that voice and portrayal was poorly misguided. Bring back the actors from the Gunfighters for a better portrayal that could be stomached. I could understand the idea of trailblazing space frontiermen but to have it manifest in that fashion on the show… well words just fail to say how sorry I feel that it happened. Warne was perhaps the least glaring of the lot. He was strereotypical but at the least he didn’t murder the role as the other two did.

    It is such a shame that the story suffered so much. Perhaps one day it will see the day of light and we will get to see it but will it be worth the long wait of that day?

    • Hi Richard, thanks very much for the kind words. I agree with pretty much everything you said. The Space Pirates had a solid idea behind it and, given that the regulars were off filming something else, Holmes story does the best it can under the circumstances. It’s just a shame that amongst all the lovely bits there is so much that just doesn’t work.

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