17 Doctor Who – The Seeds of Death

“I think lamps make SUCH a difference to a room’s ambience, Zoe. The only problem with these is that if you’re not careful they can melt your face.”

Lisssping lizardssss plan to spread their seed across the planet (eurgh!) and invade, but the Doctor gets them to agree to a dancing competition; the winner gets the Earth.His largely improvised routine is lots of running and arm waving, which can’t compete when the Martians get their best warrior to do ‘the robot’.The judges (a posh bird and two old blokes with saggy trousers who work for a flying carpet manufacturer) reluctantly give that round to the Ice Warriors.While Earth’s security forces all go for a bubble bath, it looks like mankind is finished as the Glam Rock Marshall and his Disco Lizards plan a show stopping number in the final round.

Can the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe’s last minute rain dance win them the trophy?

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And before anyone mentions it; yes, we know Mike’s sound levels aren’t great on this podcast. It was a technical glitch we discovered too late to fix properly – and Mike will tell you that doing the edit was a nightmare! Normal service will resume next time…

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