15 Doctor Who – The Krotons

“Doctor, is this really the best picture you could find of us on the internet from ‘The Krotons’?” – “I’m afraid so Zoe. I think this one only survived because you’ve got your legs out!”

“Doctor, Doctor, there’s a giant crystalline monster with a funny voice in my soup!”

“Don’t you mean ‘Waiter’?”

“No, it’s definitely a giant crystalline monster with a funny voice.”

Ba-dum! Tsh!

Thank you very much ladeesandgennlemen, I’m here all week.  Don’t forget to tip your Kroton.

I remember watching this as part of BBC2s The Five Faces of Doctor Who *cough* years ago. At the time I was enthralled and later, as I became more interested in fan opinion (by meeting more fans) I was persuaded that it was truly dreadful. Will my opinion change? I’d like to think that age and maturity will have allowed me to view with better judgement. On the other hand, it might actually be bloody awful. Here goes…

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3 thoughts on “15 Doctor Who – The Krotons

  1. Wow, did you guys overrate this one. I am a first time watcher of all of these and I can honestly say that this was one of the worst Troughton serials. The story was bland. The effects (like the rockfall) were pathetic. The acting by the non-regulars was miserable – especially the leader of the Gons who apparently has his hands velcroed to his hips. A good idea for a story – “Who are the Krotons?” – is left behind way too early and it becomes very basic and predictable. 1.5 stars from me.

    • Hi Peter. Well, it’s each to their own I think 🙂

      Compared to The Wheel in Space, The Space Pirates or The Underwater Menace this story is a masterpiece! I agree that not all of the guest cast were up to scratch (although you could say that about every DW) but did you honestly think that Philip Madoc’s performance was rubbish?

      I completely disagree that it’s one of the worst Troughton stories. Certainly not one of the best but at worst I would argue that it’s terrifyingly average. The fact is that I would watch The Krotons again before choosing any of the three stories listed above…

      • Now that you mention those other Troughton’s, I see I may have underrated Krotons. But I still think it is pretty lousy. I have now watched or listened to the Doctor in order through the first four episodes of Doctor Who and the Silurians. Can you promise me that Holmes’ writing gets better? The Space Pirates is, as you suggest, ridiculous (especially the rogue former partner, whose name I now forget). And Spearhead from Space, while it is not terrible, is hardly a fitting opening for a new Doctor. A little amnesia (that is selective in nature) and a couple of times where the Brigadier wonders if it really is the Doctor, and that’s that. Maybe a little of Troughton’s panic would have been good when Pertwee realizes he really is stuck would have been nice. But I guess you’ll get to that in a few months.

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