11 Doctor Who – The Mind Robber

“Oh no Jamie, these jokey intros are getting more and more laboured!” – “Och, I dinnae ken whit yoor greeting aboot you poor wee lassie/great hairy beestie/funny wee chappie/etc”

A Doctor, a faceless boy and an improbable martial artist do battle with a hairy woman, a blow-up corpse, robots from another show and the worst fake nose in televised history.

All because some old guy can’t work his computer…

This time around we’re delving into what is generally regarded as something of a classic in Doctor Who terms, so do we tread carefully, taking care not to upset or offend? Or do we do what we normally do and blunder around saying what we actually think?

Obviously it’s latter – but did we love or loathe The Mind Robber…?

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2 thoughts on “11 Doctor Who – The Mind Robber

  1. I’m the guy who complained about Troughton’s too often panicked tone. I have to agree, however, with your take on him in the Mind Robber. Very well done tension.

    I think you guys need to stop ragging on Edge of Destruction as a whole and focus your wrath, instead, on Episode 2 of the short story. Episode 1 is a great deal of fun. The reason Edge doesn’t work is all Episode 2. The reason Episode 1 of Mind Robber works so much better than Episode 1 of Edge is that the remaining episodes work so well explaining and tying up the surrealism of the first episode. I remember watching Edge’s forst episode and being excited about what bizarre mind-bending resolution we would get in Episode 2, and being overwhelmingly disappointed that we were given dreck instead.

    • I’m sorry Peter. I take your point and I’m glad you found something to enjoy in that 2-parter but, for me at least, both episodes were very poorly done. The only redeeming scene is when Barbara confronts the Doctor. That scene is absolutely wonderful. Other than that…

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