7 Doctor Who – The Wheel in Space

Pleased with her handiwork at Television Centre, Zoe continued to defy the terms of her ASBO and headed for Cardiff…

It’s creepy and it’s kooky, mysterious and spooky, it’s altogether..erm..ooky, it’s a wheel. In space. Bit disappointing really. Sort of loses it’s dramatic impact a bit…

So, this episode of theTimeVault sees our absolutely final view of Victoria, as well as the introduction of spangly know-it-all, Zoe Heriot. It’s also the fourth Cyberman story in three years, three of them in Troughton’s first two series! It’s beginning to sound like RTD and the Daleks, particularly as they open and close Series 5…

As you MUST know by now, you can download from here or those of you happy to use Apple software can subscribe through iTunes.

See you in a fortnight – when The Devil Rides Out!

Oh – and before anyone mentions it (and knowing you lot – someone will), yes we know this is Show 7 and not Show 8… 🙂

One thought on “7 Doctor Who – The Wheel in Space

  1. Andrew Curry says:

    Just been listening to your Wheel In Space podcast.

    I know exactly where Mike is coming from with refers to remembering liking it a lot more than he did during your recent viewing/listening.

    I find this with Abominable Snowmen, Wheel In Space and Space Pirates.

    I find that the problem stems from my first viewings. For many years there were no audios available. These stories had surviving episodes which by themselves were really really good. They gave you the impression that something really good was going on and that this was a great story.

    However, using the audios to fill in the gaps you find that the story as s whole is slow and disappoints.

    The best example is Space Pirates. Episode two by itself is brilliant. Space Corps flying about, Clancey’s introduction and his great banter with the General. Then you have the whole thing of the beacon blowing into pieces and the Doctor trying to attract the pieces back together again. Brilliant stuff. 

    Then you get to the audio and listen to the whole thing and you find the whole thing very dull, slow and basically boring. There is nothing inspiring about it at all. 

    Even just looking at the episodes either side, episode one just has a little bit of spaceships flying about, someone setting a bomb, and then end of episode. Episode three is just about Clancey’s escaping in his spaceship with the Doctor and co.

    Wheel in Space is similar, good episodes 3 and 6. But hardly anything happens in the first two episodes, and very little happens in episodes 4 and 5. 

    I find the good episodes with these stories are the ones which have survived which clouds our impression of them.

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