6 The Avengers – Death at Bargain Prices (s4) & Something Nasty in the Nursery (s5)

Yes! More of The Avengers -always a good thing. In future podcasts we will be theming the content of the Avengers episodes we cover but in this show we did a random pick and got two adventures featuring Steed and Mrs Peel.

As usual you can download the show here or by subscribing through the iTunes store.

See you in a fortnight for some Cyber-action in Doctor Who: The Wheel In Space…


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  1. I just listened to Show 6. I don’t know if anyone else has noted that the show CSI:Miami in the States has a lead character named “Horatio Caine.” Probably a coincidence, but who knows?

  2. I’ve noticed from your sound clips that you’re using the uncorrected DVDs with the sped up audio track for Season 5. You should contact Optimum to get them replaced, they’ll send them out for free.

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