5 Doctor Who – Fury from the Deep

“So you want to leave eh? Another few more feet, Jamie, then we dump her over the side…”

Welcome back! More Doctor Who. It only seems like four weeks since the last one…um…

So, apart from a few measly clips, this is the last story to be completely missing from the BBC vaults, the last story to feature Victoria/Debbie Watling as a companion (but not the last for her to receive an on-screen credit…), the first story to feature the infamous Sonic Screwdriver and the first time since Ian and Barbara left that the departure of said companion has been handled in a sensitive and thoughtful way.

What about the story itself. It has become almost legend in fan circles… “the most terrifying ever…” is what you hear from a certain type of fan – but then they said that about Tomb of the Cybermen

Click on ShowVault at the top of the page to find a link to download – or you can save a lot of bother and subscribe via iTunes (search for thetimevault).

See you in two weeks for some Avenging…

10 thoughts on “5 Doctor Who – Fury from the Deep

    • I actually rather like Tomb. I just remember all the build up when it was found and then released on VHS and everyone suddenly discovered that it was good, just not the cast-iron classic certain fans would have had us believe…

  1. oktayne says:

    Guys, you really HAVE to find a better way of posting links to the shows. Not all of us use Firefox or IE you know. Also, not all of us use itunes either.

    • Not sure what you mean. I don’t personally use Firefox or IE. I use Safari and all the links work fine. What browser are you using and what exactly isn’t working? I realise not everyone uses iTunes but we’re not doing anything different to when we ran the Cadmium2 podcast…

      • oktayne says:

        I use chrome, which doesn’t handle xml natively. I have downloaded an extension which is supposed to fix that but it doesn’t seem to work.

        If you could post the link on the actual post that would help immensely as I prefer downloading my podcasts manually.

      • James says:

        I think I know what he means. There is a difference now. The process to get to the download page is complicated. I keep finding it tricky to figure out how to even find the download page which ends up displaying like an RSS feed page. Even though I’ve been through it five times now.
        I use google reader, and I remember seeing a direct link in the blog post(Cadmium2) that I could right click to download directly. No running around through 2 more pages to get to the download as it is now.
        fyi, I also use Firefox and don’t use iTunes.
        Cheers guys!

  2. Richard says:

    I believe he means that there is not a link to download the podcast as there was in the other posts. I had to activate google email to get the download of the podcast from the rss feed. That was totally new for me.

  3. Moan, moan, moan – anyone would think you wanted to listen to the show… 🙂

    As I recall, the link on the old C2 posts went directly to an xml file too, so if you’re having problems with it now, wouldn’t you have had problems with it then? I’ll admit to not being Super Tech Guy, so my apologies if I’m missing the obvious! No-one’s mentioned it up til now, so I’m a bit confused as to what’s gone wrong this time.

    I’m away this weekend at a wedding so I’ll have to look at it on Monday and update you as soon as I can. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  4. My thoughts on Fury:

    1. There were way too many portions in the final two episodes that seemed to be chaos. The battle against the weed in the Control area and the helicopter scene were awful;

    2. Music in Episode 5 was distracting;

    3. I really enjoyed the way Victoria’s leaving was handled. I remember the wonderful scene she had with the Doctor in the Tomb of the Cybermen about her loss, and this serial brought that pain back;

    4. Quill and Oak immediately reminded me of Wint and Kidd from Diamonds are Forever; and

    5. Troughton’s tendency to make it sound like the Doctor is on the verge of panic in times of excitement is starting to get on my nerves.

    • Hi Peter. I think we both said that we felt it fell apart in Episode 6, so it’s nice to see we weren’t imagining it! Can’t say the music distracted me – at least I don’t remember it doing so… Victoria’s leaving was VERY well handled, really nicely done and I agree about Wint and Kidd, although it didn’t occur to me at the time.

      As for Troughton, I do actually see what you mean. I think it has been niggling away at me quietly but hasn’t become irritating (to me) just yet. We’ll have to see if a new production team makes a difference!

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