4 The Vampire Lovers

Hello and welcome once more to TimeVault. This time we’re back onto Hammer films and, in a belated tribute to the late Ingrid Pitt, we’ve chosen one of her earliest films in a leading role; The Vampire Lovers (1970), a film based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella Carmilla.

This film will eventually form part of a loose series with Lust For A Vampire and Twins of Evil known as the Karnstein Trilogy, although Ingrid Pitt does not appear in either of these “sequels”.

I’ve put my favourite of the original film posters here, and linked to the British one here (although it’s so far removed from the actual content of the film it’s not true…). They’re so wonderfully over the top I had trouble deciding which one was preferable!

As always you can subscribe through the iTunes store or download from here.

See you in a fortnight for some foamy fun and farewells with Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep

2 thoughts on “4 The Vampire Lovers

  1. Do you worry about a pre-airing Time Vault curse? The Director of the first two movies you reviewed passed away only months before you begin the show. Ingrid Pitt passes away only weeks later. Nicholas Courtney, who appears in your first Doctor Who review, leaves us only days prior to the airing of that show. If I were a castmember of the Avengers or Series 6 or 7 of Doctor Who, I’d be very careful over the next few months.

  2. Haha! Funnily enough, this hadn’t escaped our notice either. If you look at the Coming Soon page you’ll see we’re going to start a chronological run of Blake’s Seven soon – so they better hide, quick!

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