3 Doctor Who – The Web of Fear

Bungle from Rainbow discovers he really needs a haircut. His shaggy hippy look isn’t working on the girls anymore…

I have to say that, as much as we adore Hammer and The Avengers (and we really do), there is something deeply satisfying about getting back to Doctor Who!

This show begins our trek towards the end of the black and white era of the programme and features the return of a monster that had appeared earlier in the same series (this is really beginning to sound like Nu-Who). The penultimate story of Series 5 is also memorable for introducing a character that would become one of the most loved creations in the series entire history. I am, of course, talking about Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (although he’s only a Colonel here).

From this point on we’ll be covering Doctor Who in every other podcast. It remains the backbone of the show as always – and there is SO much to get through…

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See you in a fortnight for some lesbian vampire fun and games (no, I’m not joking)…

5 thoughts on “3 Doctor Who – The Web of Fear

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just listened to this episode. Great to hear you guys getting back into Doctor Who. Your encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject has always impressed me.

    In the episode you mentioned your disappointment that you couldn’t see the battle between the Army and the Yeti from Episode 4 but I remember a few clips of it being on the Lost in Time DVD. Apparently they were cut by the authorities in New Zealand before broadcast for being too violent. The clips are just a few seconds long, but it really helped me visualise the battle in my mind’s eye.

    • Hi Jacob, thanks for this. I think ‘encyclopaedic’ may be going a little far. It’s true that we know quite a lot (and have plenty to say) but there are people out there with far more detailed knowledge than us. Having said that, I think we know enough – any more might be considered a little strange… 🙂

      We did watch the clips that are on Lost In Time, but the meagre few seconds, although good, only whet our appetite to see the whole thing.

  2. Well, I think you like Web of Fear more than I did (and I thought you had said in Episode 2 you would continue giving “star” ratings to Doctor Who serials – did I hear wrong). I got very frustrated with the various small groups going off in various directions episode after episode. Especially with only the audio, it started getting awfully confusing.

    The major plot hole I found was when Arnold was asked to choose who would go with him to get the Tardis from below, and he picked Lane and EVANS. Any commander worth his salt would have suspected bad faith from someone handpicking Evans to be one of the two soldiers to undertake such a significant task. Maybe Intelligence-controlled Arnold was trying to sabatoge his own mission – but it sure seemed obvious.

    Lastly, the anti-Semitism at the beginning, while not that significant, is all the more obvious because it is the first obviously Jewish character we have ever seen in Doctor Who and he is clearly overly concerned about money. The first Jewish character could have been a soldier or the character so obsessed with finances could have been non-Jewish. Putting the two together is the fault.

    • Hi Peter, we are indeed giving ratings to the Doctor Who’s, however this one and Fury from the Deep were recorded before we took that decision. I have put our ratings for this on the facebook page in the Discussion thread about The Web of Fear. However we will announce the ratings for this and Fury on The Wheel In Space podcast, which will also be rated ‘on air’.

      I see what you mean about the Jewish character, however I don’t see him as being as worked up about his finances as being deprived of a prize exhibit in his collection. I still find today’s reaction a little over the top to something that, in hindsight, is not quite as horrendous as we are led to believe. It’s still not good – but not that bad – and if you want to get really into it, has there ever been another obviously Jewish character in Doctor Who since…? I find the persistently poor depiction of the Welsh more obviously offensive as it is repeated so often…

      • As an American (living in a Chicago suburb) I have to admit to not recognizing the Welsh stereotypes (clearly another example of the American insularity by which I am saddened). I honestly don’t know about other Jewish characters as I am watching the Doctor in order and have only gotten to The Invasion (Episode 5). I will take your word for it that it is not repeated. And as I said – not really that significant a stereotype in the scheme of things.

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