2 The Avengers – Mr Teddy Bear (s2) & From Venus With Love (s5)

Hello and welcome back! (assuming, of course, that you have come back…)

Our second podcast covers two episodes from  what is my second favourite TV series of all time: The Avengers.

I use the title of The Avengers to include the return of the show six years later as The New Avengers. Quite frankly, my personal opinion is that this is a direct continuation of the original run and the term ‘New‘ was simply a marketing tool. There will undoubtedly be people who disagree but that’s tough.

The Avengers had six series, between 1961 and 1969, and a further two between 1976 and 1977. They shared characters, actors, writers and production team members and therefore, whether you call it a sequel or a continuation, it is undeniably the same show in the same ‘universe’. This, as far as Mike and I are concerned for the benefit of this podcast, is the complete series.

We may well cover the ill-fated movie at some point after we have done all the televised episodes but that exists purely as a stand-alone effort. Clear? Good!

So, having got that out of the way, the plan for this particular thread is to cover one black and white episode and one colour episode in each show. As The Avengers rarely has the same kind of internal chronology that Doctor Who has (with the exception of the Cybernaut episodes), we felt that watching them chronologically gave no real benefit, so we have chosen the episodes we cover randomly (in a ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ style).

As a result of this, the first episode we’re covering is Mr Teddy Bear (Series 2, Episode 1), written by Martin Woodhouse and broadcast in the UK on the 29th of September 1962. Joining it on this show is From Venus With Love (Series 5, Episode 1), written by Philip Levene and broadcast in the UK on the 13th of January 1967.

Hopefully you will notice the sound quality has improved in this show and it no longer sounds like two badgers fighting in a paper bag, as we were able to get a new mixing desk before recording started.

As always you can subscribe through the iTunes store or download from here.

See you in two weeks for the return of our Doctor Who marathon as the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria face The Web of Fear

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