1 Quatermass and the Pit

Hello and welcome to theTimeVault (or TTV as I’m going to abbreviate it). It’s finally here and we hope it was worth the wait…

We kick off with a classic Hammer entry in the sci-fi/horror genre; Quatermass and the Pit.

Taking note that the Hammer films are, in general, expected to be crammed with creepiness and stuffed with scares we have taken the decision to watch all of them with the lights out, late at night. That should make even the ropiest effect seem half decent and really highlight the good ones!

So, for anyone who has seen the original six-part BBC serial upon which this film was based I will mention now that unlike it’s two predecessors from Hammer, Nigel Kneale (creator and writer) adapted and wrote this.

It’s early days for this podcast (it doesn’t get much earlier than Show 1 really…) and the format is likely to evolve over time and we apologise for the way I come out of one speaker and Mike comes out of the other. Hopefully it won’t spoil your enjoyment too much. The mixing board was at fault and has been duly chastised with a large mallet. It’s successor has been warned of the consequences of failure (involving bases in volcanoes and lakes full of piranha fish) so from the next show onwards the sound quality, at least, won’t be annoying 🙂

You can subscribe through the iTunes store (type thetimevault into the search engine) or download from here.

Please let us know what you think of this first show and the film we’re covering either here in the comments section or over on our Facebook group (see TimeVault Links at the top of the page).

See you in a fortnight for some Avengers fun…

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