Welcome to TimeVault, where we review, chat and waffle on about some of our favourite subjects, including Doctor Who, Hammer Horror, Blake’s 7, Sapphire & Steel and The Avengers. Over time the intention is to widen this out to include other shows from the Sixties and Seventies and many other cult classics. We have a Facebook and Twitter community and as long as it remains good fun, we’ll be podcasting for some time to come.

TimeVault is a continuation of a project started back in May 2007 when myself, my brother Mike and one of our friends decided to start a podcast that covered subjects we were all interested in: British Cult TV, Film & Radio and so we started Cadmium2 – The Podcast of Cult Britannia. The spine of the show was our intention to watch and review every episode of Doctor Who, in order, from the beginning. With two shows a month, one would be Doctor Who and the other would cover something else from Britain’s massive back catalogue. Three and a half years and 82 shows later the podcast came to an end due to a creative differences, Beatles-style break up, but without the money or fame. However, in that time we managed to cover not only the first 191 episodes of Doctor Who (41 stories, 1963-1968) but also Timeslip, James Bond, The Stone Tape, The Tomorrow People, The Box of Delights, Nebulous, Red Dwarf, Withnail & I, Children of the Stones, Ghostwatch, Blake’s 7, Captain Scarlet, Carry On Up The Khyber, The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Hot Fuzz, The Avengers, The Slide, The Italian Job, The Mighty Boosh, She-Wolf of London, Ultraviolet, Dead Set, Village of the Damned, Children of the Damned, Mort, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde, Dark Season and Robin of Sherwood!

Despite a few hiccups along the way in getting the occasional show out on time, we’re very proud of what we did – and the fact that something originally intended to be just a hobby for us, turned into a podcast with listeners all over the world who were not only interested in what we had to say but also tracked down the things we covered to experience them for themselves. What more could you want? Well, as it turned out, our listeners wanted us to carry on. So, after about six months break, Mike and I returned with TimeVault and we’ve now done more shows than before! In our earlier podcast we covered all previous Doctor Who stories from An Unearthly Child to The Enemy of the World. For various reasons we are unable to present them here, so although TimeVault carries on from where Cadmium2 left off, in February 2014 we started revisiting the earlier stories in order to complete the ‘set’!

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aboutmePaul (the devilishly handsome one on the left) was born the day before The Green Death, Episode 2 was broadcast – but the association between maggots and evil supercomputers ends there. His love of British TV, film and radio hovers precariously between acceptable nostalgia and obsessively living in the past – however, if you’re listening to this podcast you knew that already. You’re probably just like him, so don’t judge. If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can read his personal blog here.

Mike was born during the Phillip Hinchcliffe era of Doctor Who (somewhere between The Seeds of Doom and The Masque of Mandragora), which explains the tendrils, the slime, the claw and the sinister voice. He can’t remember the first episode of The Avengers he saw but he’s pretty sure it had Steed in it. His favourite Doctor Who story is Horror of Fang Rock and his interest in Hammer films is based on their cultural and historical significance (ahem).