50th Anniversary Doctor Who Reissues

News has just emerged from BBC Books about a series of eleven reissues being published on 7th March 2013, with new branding and new introductions. One book for each Doctor, they will retail at £6.99. Some interesting (and some baffling) choices, I think. I also find it fascinating that with these and the Monopoly set, the official logo for the anniversary is not the current TV version but the ‘Classic’ version.

6 thoughts on “50th Anniversary Doctor Who Reissues

  1. I like the look of them and I like the idea of including different ranges and giving them a uniform design, but they’re never going to re-release the whole lot so I don’t really see the point. I’d have preferred more Target re-releases myself.

    Saying that, I am tempted. Even though I’ve already got all of the books for Doctors 1-8, these ones do look lovely and the first seven are all good ones.

  2. 1st Doctor Venusian Lullaby
    2nd Doctor The Dark Path
    3rd Doctor The Scales of Injustice
    4th Doctor Managra
    5th Doctor The Sands of Time
    6th Doctor Millenial Rites
    7th Doctor Human Nature
    8th Doctor The Dying Days
    9th Doctor The Clockwise Man
    10th Doctor Sting of the Zygons
    11th Doctor Touched by an Angel

  3. No Adam, those are not the books chosen.

    I note all of your first eight selections are from Virgin books. I think there is probably a good reason why the choices are all BBC Books.

    • Hi Benji, I think Adam is just suggesting what he would have chosen if it was up to him. Personally, I think it’s a weird selection but probably chosen because most of the authors are already contracted/connected to BBC Books, which makes life a lot easier for them.

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